Frisco has an appreciation for landscapes and the impact to the quality of life for the community. Landscape architects review landscape plans of parks, streetscapes, recreational areas, paths & trails, subdivisions, commercial developments, and other projects. Landscape architects review proposed landscape plans of commercial and non-commercial developments, including Tree Removal Permits, and mitigation (when required). Please contact a landscape architect at (972) 292-5352 or email if you have any questions.

Applications, Forms & Guides

Landscape Inspections

Commercial properties and other developments must pass a required landscape (final) inspection prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy ('CO').  Re-inspection of a site's landscape is required one (1) year after the CO is issued. If you have any questions regarding an upcoming scheduled landscape inspection or Frisco's landscaping requirements, please contact a landscape architect at (972) 292-5352 or via email.

Note: Please contact Public Works at (972) 292-5800 for irrigation submittal requirements, permit fees, plan review status, and inspection requests.

Resources & Maintenance

Please visit Frisco Public Work's Water Resources for other landscape-related information. Public Works personnel may be able to help with the New Landscape Exemption Request requirements for temporary watering, and other useful tips, such as composting, drip irrigation, mulching, watering recommendations, and more! Public Works may be reached at (972) 292-5800 or via email.

Tree Removal & Mitigation

Native trees, shrubs, and other plants are components of the natural ecosystem of the north Texas area. Developers and other owners who remove protected trees are required to mitigate from an approved plant list.