Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that is excellent for adding to houseplants or enriching garden soil.

It is a good way to recycle your yard and kitchen wastes, and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.

It's easy to learn how to compost.


Some people choose build a compost pile in a convenient spot directly on the ground. Others build bins from materials such as recycled pallets, or two-by-fours and plywood. And, of course, there are many commercial bins on the market.


There are several different methods of composting: holding units, turning units, heaps, soil incorporation, and worm composting. The method of composting selected will depend on when finished compost is desired, the materials to be composted, and the space available for composting.


The process is essentially the same no matter what method you choose. The steps involved are basically adding material, turning the pile, and adding water as needed. The composting process will take anywhere from 3 weeks to several months for finished product, depending on the system you use, the weather, and the types of materials being composted.


Common problems that occur with composting are generally easy to fix. Insects such as fruit flies can become numerous, in which case you should add a layer of "brown" material. An odor coming from the bin means the material isn't getting enough air and needs to be turned more frequently.

Regional Composting Program

The City of Frisco is a member of the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) regional composting program. Yard trimmings collected from our residential curbside recycling program are not land filled; they are composted.

The finished material - compost, topdressing, soil blend, and mulch - is sold as Texas Pure. A limited supply of bagged product is available at no charge to residents at the Environmental Collection Center. Pick up is limited to 2, one-cubic-foot bags per month on the first Saturday of the month, seasonally, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Compost is available on a first-come, first-served basis, as supplies last.  Please call ahead to make sure that the product is available.  972-292-5900  
Additional product can be purchased at the following locations:
Shades of Green Nursery
8801 Coit Road

NTMWD Custer Road Transfer Station
9901 Custer Road