Update on Roundabouts

View a Memorandum to Mayor and City Council from the February 6 meeting.

Multi-Lane Roundabouts:

  • Gaylord Parkway and John Hickman Parkway
  • Teel Parkway and Rockhill Parkway
​​The City of Frisco currently has more than 30 single-lane roundabouts in operation, primarily in residential neighborhoods.

​Visit the city's GIS mapping page to see existing roundabouts and those under construction. 

Education Resources:
City of Frisco, TX_Back (Yield)
City of Frisco TX_Inside Left (Emergency)
City of Frisco TX_Inside Right (Lane Choice)
2City of Frisco, TX_Cover (Coming to Frisco)
​How to Drive in a Roundabout:
  • Observe all road rules
  • Slow down
  • Choose your lane based on the signs and pavement markings
  • Yield for pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Yield to traffic in all lanes on your left before entering
  • Don’t change lanes until you have exited the roundabout