Projects & Programs

  1. Census 2010

    2010 Census data is available through Development Services' Planning Division.

  2. City Hall 101

    Get in inside look at Frisco City Hall by taking this free course.

  3. Community Development & Housing Programs

    Find information about housing programs available through the City of Frisco.

  4. Dallas Cowboys / Frisco / FISD Partnership

    See how Frisco scored a touchdown with the help of the Dallas Cowboys.

  5. Down Payment Assistance Program

    Need help financing your home? Look to Frisco for help.

  6. Fair Housing

    Be aware of fair housing practices in Frisco.

  7. Frisco CAN

    Frisco Community Awareness Night, an effort to grow our community and make our neighborhoods safer, happens every year in May.

  1. Frisco Discovery Center

    Discover the promotion of culture and arts in Frisco.

  2. NTTA TollTag

    Find NTTA Tolltags at the USPS Office at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center.

  3. Public Art

    Get involved with Public Art on display in the City of Frisco, including the Art in the Atrium program at Frisco's George A. Purefoy Municipal Center.

  4. U.S. Postal Service

    The George A. Purefoy Municipal Center serves as a location for the USPS.

  5. Water Wise

    Learn more about Frisco's Best Management Practices for using and conserving our water resources.

  6. Zoning Ordinance Update

    Follow up on zoning updates from within the Planning Department.