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Gas Line/Lightning Protection Systems 

The City of Frisco is adopting changes to the International Residential Code (IRC) and related codes in an effort to further increase the safety of our residents in homes with gas plumbing systems. These changes are, in effect, requiring by Ordinance current IRC recommendations as well as the recommendations of several manufacturers of flexible corrugated stainless steel tubing systems.

 Recommended changes are to include the following:
   -  Inclusion of at least one excess gas flow shutoff device installed at the
   -  Bonding of all metal roof penetrations (e.g. metal chimneys, metal air ducts,
      appliance vents) 
   -  If a steel manifold is used, a bonding clamp shall be attached to the steel

We suggest that Frisco homeowners whose homes do not have the aforementioned protection consider having a qualified electrician and plumber review the installation of your gas plumbing system and consider adding safeguards defined in City of Frisco Ordinance 03-07-58 and 03-07-59. In addition, we suggest you consider adding lightning protection systems to further minimize damage to your home from lightning strikes.

Frequently asked questions:

What type of natural gas plumbing system do I have in my home?
There are two types of commonly used gas plumbing systems. These include rigid black steel and corrugated stainless steel tubing. A Licensed Plumber installs rigid black steel piping. Pre-manufactured segments of flexible stainless steel tubing are used to connect rigid steel piping to appliances. The second type of installation involves corrugated stainless steel tubing with a protective coating usually yellow in color. A Licensed Plumber installs this product in the home.

Will my house explode if I have one of these products installed?
There have been no incidents in the City of Frisco that have been reported that would indicate that homes with these products will explode.

What can I do to make my home safe from lightning?
The City of Frisco is unaware of a failsafe method to protect your home from lightning strikes. The manufacturers recommend that lightning protection systems be installed to minimize damage from lightning. They also suggest bonding the products to further safeguard the pipe systems. Most scientists agree that these safeguards will reduce the damage caused by lightning. Cost may be a factor when considering these products.

Lightning also damages electronic devices. We suggest that you always protect your valuable equipment with surge protection. Consult an electrician or a lightning protection expert if you are interested in these safeguards.

What should I do if my home is struck by lightning? 
First and foremost, don’t panic. It is always recommended to call 911 if you suspect your home has been struck by lightning.

Lightning is a very dynamic phenomenon. Often what sounds like and appears to be a direct strike on your home is only a strike in your area. In the interest of safety, the Fire Department would rather inspect a suspected strike than risk having an undetected fire cause greater damage.

The City of Frisco and the Frisco Fire Department are committed to a proactive approach to fire safety and quality of life in our city. Our goal is to minimize the risk of lightning strikes in our community thereby reducing the risk for loss of life and property.

For more information, please call Frisco Fire Marshal's office at 972-292-6320.

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