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Plan Review & Forms 

Poly Birika, Supervisor - Plans Examiner (972) 292-5346
Jim Cottone, Residential Plans Examiner (972) 292-5396

Permit Information Online

One of the most important aspects of construction of a structure involves the review of plans or “blueprints". During each plan review, a plans examiner looks at every aspect of construction and design to ensure compliance with the adopted codes. Plans must pass plan review before a building permit is issued. A permit is required for any commercial, residential, sign, fence or other miscellaneous structures, including but not limited to, anything erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished. Below are a few guidelines and forms to help answer some general concerns. Please contact a plans examiner or permit technician at 972-292-5301 with any additional questions.


 Certificate of Occupancy

 Commercial Building Permit Application

 Contractor Registration

 Demolition & addendum Application

 Fence, Retaining Wall, & Screenwall Permit

 Electrical Permit Application

 Mechanical Permit Application

 Pool Permit

 Plumbing Permit Application

 Residential Building Permit

 Sign Permit

 Special Event


 Irrigation Checklist

 Permit Fee Schedule


 Submittal Requirements

 Water Exemption Request Form

Single-Family Front Entry Lot Layout Guidelines 




 Commercial Interior Finish-Out Application Package
 Commercial New Construction Application Package



 Educational & Food New Construction Application Package
 Educational & Food Finish-Out Application Package
 Medical & Dental Facilities New Construction Application Package
 Medical & Dental Facilities Finish-Out Application Package


 Change of Ownership / Contractor

 Fence Guidelines


 Residential Alteration/Addition Guideline

 Residential Submittal Guideline

 Residential Inspection Checklist

 Water Heater Installation



 Pool Construction Guideline

 Certification of Pool Protection Device Installation

Pre- and Post-Commercial Pool & Spa Construction Certification


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