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Single Family Rental Registration 

Do you own rental property?
The City of Frisco adopted an ordinance mandating 'reporting requirements for owners of single family residential rental property' on December 15, 2009.  The ordinance requires all single family property owners who rent out homes to register with the city.  A 'single family property' includes townhomes and duplexes.

What does that mean for the property owner? 
If you rent your property, you need to register it with the City of Frisco. 

    • * No fees to register.
      * You do not need to register if it is a relative that you have living in the property.
      * This has no tax implications.  It will not raise your property taxes.

Why was the ordinance enacted?
Property owners are the ones ultimately responsible for the property. It is our goal to be able to notify property owners when there is an issue, so they have time to fix the problem.

What is required?
It is very simple.  We need basic contact information.  You can download a form and mail it to us or register online.

We have tried to make the process easy. 

You can click here to register online.  

You can click here to download the form to fill out.

Are smoke detectors required: 

Yes, if you are renting it.

IPMC 704.2 Smoke Alarms:

On the ceiling or wall outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms. In each room used for sleeping purposes.  At least one for every floor level; unless they are intervening levels with no door.

Do you have questions?
Contact Neighborhood Services: neighborhoods@FRISCOTEXAS.GOV ; or call (972) 292-5311 for more information.

View the ordinance

These resources are for your convenience and use.  They are not required by ordinance. 

Inspection Sheet 1

Inspection Checklist

HUD Sample Inspection Sheet

Crime Free Addendum 

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