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Commercial Green Building 


The commercial component of Frisco's Green Building Program includes: 
    - 100% of the roof complies with Energy Star™ Cool Roof Program specifications
    - 50% reduction of water consumption
    - Construction waste recycling
    - Shade tree requirements
    - Solar orientation

The program kicked off in November 2006, after more than a year of data collection and analysis, making Frisco the first city in the country to have a mandatory Green Building Program for all residential and commercial construction.

Commercial / Multi-Family Standards

Click here to download the Commercial Green Building Program standards for all non-residential and multi-family construction within the City of Frisco. 


Results / Achievements

As of November 1, 2012:

     - “Green” Commercial Space Built                                     7,745,510     Sq Ft
     - Commercial Landscaping Water Savings                 241,526,151     Gallons
     - Shade Trees Planted                                                                 8,160
     - Low Impact Development (LID) Projects Built                           75
     - Bioretention Areas Established                                          231,432     Sq Ft

National certification has been achieved for the following projects:

     - Dobson Flooring (LEED® Silver) 
     - Duke Office Park (Energy Star™) 
     - Centennial Medical Offices I & II (Energy Star™) 
     - La Valencia Apartments (Energy Star™)

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