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Mobile & Temporary Food Vendors 

Mobile Food Units, Mobile Food Vendors, and all Temporary Food Establishments/Temporary Event Vendors must meet all requirements of the Health Ordinance. Additional information for each type of vendor is given below. Submit completed applications to Health & Food Safety, located at 6101 Frisco Square, 3rd Floor (City Hall). Please note that Temporary Food Establishment applications must be received a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event to be considered.  If you have questions, please call Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or e-mail health@friscotexas.gov.

Mobile Food Units: 
Mobile Food Units are defined as a vehicle mounted food establishment designed to be readily movable.  Mobile Food Units typically move from point of sale to point of sale, not stationary in any location for greater than 15 minutes.  Mobile Food Units that have passed inspection display the following documentation. Mobile units without this documentation are not approved to sell food in the City of Frisco:

- On the outside, (1) 4 X 6 inch sticker with the City of Frisco logo and the date of expiration for the permit, and
- On the inside, (1) 8 x 11 inch Health Permit placard displaying the last six digits of the vehicle ID # and the permit expiration date. 

Please review the following for information on obtaining a Mobile Food Unit permit.

Requirements for Mobile Units -- Lists City requirements for Mobile Food Units. English and Español.
Mobile Unit Health ApplicationPermits and Fees:
- Units with kitchen on the vehicle (“Hot” trucks) $300.00
- Units with no kitchen on the vehicle (“Cold” trucks) $200.00

Mobile Food Vendors:
Mobile food vendors are defined as any person (or persons) who operates or sells food from a stationary cart, or trailer mounted on chassis, but without an engine for a period of 15 days or greater per year. Mobile food vendors who operate for 14 days or less shall be considered temporary food establishments, as defined by the Health Ordinance as it exists or may be amended.  Mobile food vendors must comply with the Health Ordinance.  Mobile food vendors must operate at a specific location only within the same operation hours as the business on the same lot that has a Certificate of Occupancy.  Outside of the business operation hours, the Mobile Food vending unit must be removed or stored away.  Mobile food vendors may not operate in City parks.  The Parks Department may approve use of existing concession facilities on a temporary basis and a Temporary Health Permit must be submitted.

- Mobile Vendor Ordinance (Ord. 02-12-145)
-Mobile Unit Health Application - Required for all Mobile Food Vendors

Temporary Food Establishments (Temporary Event Vendors)
Temporary Food Establishments are defined as a food establishment that operates for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.  Temporary Food Establishments must obtain a permit from Health & Food Safety, applying no later than 10 business days prior to the event or celebration.  The permit fee is $50 for each event or celebration sought. Temporary Food Establishments shall meet specific criteria, including:

- Approved only in conjunction with an event or celebration
- Limited food items to be sold
- Limited time length of food sales

Please review the following for more information on obtaining a Temporary Food Establishment permit.

Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines
- Temporary Food Establishments Ordinance
- Temporary Health Permit Application - Required for all Temporary Food Establishments

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