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Watering Wisely 

It’s not so much about when you can water, but whether you need to water.

Seasonal weather changes and local rainfall greatly affect your lawn’s watering requirement. Making seasonal adjustments and turning off your sprinkler system when rainfall is adequate can save you an average 2,000 gallons of water. That’s the typical amount of water a sprinkler system applies each time it operates. And, more often than not, sprinkler systems are set to operate at 50 percent more than the amount necessary.

Frisco’s WaterWise Emails provide weekly lawn watering advice based on data collected from the city’s weather station and rain gauges. Following the weekly advice keeps you, the smartest sprinkler controller, more aware of your lawn's actual watering needs. Leaving your system in the off mode and only watering the right amount when necessary will increase the health of your lawn and make it far less reliant upon a regular, frequent watering schedule.

egional turf species like Bermuda and St. Augustine can thrive off of a once-per-week watering schedule. If you think of your lawn as a reservoir or bucket, imagine only applying water once the watering need approaches the maximum allowable depletion point. Applying water only when it's needed and using the Cycle and Soak Method promotes a deeper, heartier root system. Lawns with a deep root system, anywhere from 2 to 4" deep or more, are inherently more drought-tolerant since the root zone can reach moisture locked in lower layers of our region's predominantly clay soil.

1) How to Water Your Lawn Using the Weekly Lawn Watering Advice.
Each week the amount of water your lawn needs will be listed in quarter inch increments of: 0”, 0.25”, 0.50”, 0.75”, or 1.0”. See the programming tips below for to convert the recommendations into minutes for your controller. Consider setting any landscape areas with a slope with fewer minutes per cycle to prevent excess water runoff.


Programming Examples for Your Sprinkler System Controller 's Watering Schedule


No watering is necessary. Simply turn your sprinkler system to the “OFF” position. 


Set your controller to water each zone to six minutes for two consecutive watering cycles on your Trash Day. See the programming example for Spray Heads and for Rotors.


Set your controller to water each zone to six minutes for four consecutive watering cycles on your Trash Day. See the programming example for Spray Heads and for Rotors.


We recommend using your allowed Watering Day to achieve a combination of the two previous programming schedules, the 0.25" and 0.50" examples.


We recommend using your allowed Watering Day to achieve a combination of two programming schedules using the 0.50" example. Set one schedule to begin during the permitted early hours and the remaining last schedule of 0.50" during the late evening hours.

2) Check Your Program Settings with Allowed Watering Day(s) and Times.
Check to see what current water use policies may affect your allowed watering day(s) and times here. If you need programming assistance with your controller, schedule a free sprinkler system checkup with the city's licensed irrigation specialist. Call 972-292-5800 or send an email to waterwise@friscotexas.gov and provide your name, address, and phone number.

3) Sign up for WaterWise Emails.
Receive weekly email updates with your lawn watering advice each Monday. click here, and select the Waterwise category. The WaterWise advice is also available at www.friscotexas.gov/water

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