Development Services Department 

6101 Frisco Square Blvd
3rd floor
Frisco, TX 75034



Link: Visit the Development Services page

Business days and office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
(excluding City-approved holidays)

Name Title Email Phone
Lettelleir, FAICP, John Development Services Director 972-292-5310
Cross, Lori Sr Administrative Assistant 972-292-5314

Building Inspections Division 

6101 Frisco Square Boulevard
3rd Floor
Frisco, TX 75034



Name Title Email Phone
Alfaro, Edwin Plans Examiner (Commercial) 972-292-5391
Arguello, Aaron Building Inspector 972-292-5342
Birika, Poly Plans Examiner - Supervisor 972-292-5346
Blake, Jeff Chief Electrical Inspector 972-292-5375
Carter, Dewayne Building Inspector 972-292-5328
Castillo, Heyvind Permit Technician 972-292-5390
Climer, Phillip Asst. Building Official 972-292-5338
Covington, Steve Chief Building Official 972-292-5330
Cottone, Jim Senior Plans Examiner (Residential) 972-292-5396
Crain, Michael Chief Building Inspector 972-292-5325
Deragon, William Building Inspector 972-292-5322
Draper, John Building Inspector 972-292-5337
Duma, Treb Sr Permit Technician 972-292-5392
Ellis, Jeff Building Inspector 972-292-5367
Espinosa, David Building Inspector 972-292-5334
Evans, Kelly Customer Service Representative 972-292-5324
Fauss, Crystal Plans Examiner (Commercial) 972-292-5398
Fauss, Jeff Building Inspector 972-292-5336
Frazier, Carey Plans Examiner (Residential) 972-292-5397
Hartwell, Bill Building Inspector 972-292-5301
Irlas, Carlos Building Inspector 972-292-5343
Johnson, Demetri Permit Technician 972-292-5393
Jolly, Phillip Building Inspector 972-292-5378
Kirk, Charles Senior Building Inspector 972-292-5326
Mayfield, Colten Building Inspector 972-292-5349
McDonald, Mike Building Inspector 972-292-5332
McNuelty, Debi Multi-family Inspector 972-292-5368
Mora, Maria Customer Service Representative 972-292-5323
Ortiz, Denise Customer Service Representative 972-292-5321
Queen, Ginny Building Inspector 972-292-5337
Reed, Jeff Building Inspector 972-292-5345
Sims, Jeff Building Inspector 972-292-5339
Smith, James D. Senior Building Inspector 972-292-5399
Urvina, Gilbert Chief Plumbing Inspector 972-292-5329
Whitson, Chris Senior Building Inspector 972-292-5327
Winton, Curtis Plans Examiner (Residential) 972-292-5395
Womble, Elwyn Building Inspector 972-292-5344
Wood, Michele Permit Technician 972-292-5394

Code Enforcement Division 

6101 Frisco Square Blvd
3rd floor
Frisco, TX 75034



Name Title Email Phone
Curtis, Penny Code Enforcement Supervisor 972-292-5371
Drummonds, Sharelyn Code Enforcement Officer 972-292-5364
Khanhkham, Bruce Code Enforcement Officer 972-292-5385
Leonard, Chris Neighborhood Services Representative 972-292-5361
Arias, Joshua Code Enforcement Officer (In Training) 972-292-5374
Robertson, Diane Senior Code Enforcement Officer 972-292-5372
Smithart, Amy Code Enforcement Officer 972-292-5373

Health & Food Safety 

6101 Frisco Square Boulevard
3rd Floor W.
Frisco, TX 75034



Name Title Email Phone
Jones, RS, Bryan Environmental Health Specialist 972-292-5376
LaFratte, Shelby Environmental Health Technician 972-292-5308
Long, RS, Dustin Environmental Health Specialist 972-292-5377
Moore, Tina Environmental Health Inspector 972-292-5387
Ramirez, RS, Elizabeth Environmental Health Specialist 972-292-5379
Stallcup, MPH, RS, Julie Environmental Health Supervisor 972-292-5380
Torres, Diana Environmental Health Inspector 972-292-5384

Planning Division 

6101 Frisco Square Blvd
3rd Floor
Frisco, TX 75034



Link: Visit the Planning Division page

Name Title Email Phone
Bagley, Darell Sr Landscape Architect 972-292-5352
Farabaugh, Cyndie Administrative Assistant 972-292-5315
Farek, Heather Records Clerk 972-292-5366
Feldman, Jordan Planner - Long Range 972-292-5357
Harris, Biff (Robert) Landscape Architect 972-292-5351
Helton, Alaina Senior Planner 972-292-5355
Hubbard, Jonathan Planner 972-292-5350
Kam, Lessa Planning Technician 972-292-5358
Lopez, Arabella Planning Technician 972-292-5347
Moore, Kimberly Planner 972-292-5353
Porter, Suzanne Sr Planner-Downtown Coordinator 972-292-5356
Sampson, Seth Planner 972-292-5362
Satarino, Anthony Planning Manager 972-292-5354