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Frisco is a "Home Rule" city 

Frisco voters adopted its initial "Home Rule" Charter in 1987. In May 2002, Frisco residents voted to revise the Charter and approved 19 propositions. Our Council-Manager form of government consists of a Mayor and six City Council members elected "at-large" and a City Manager. Council members' duties include enacting local legislation, adopting budgets, determining policies and appointing the City Manager and City Secretary.

As our City Manager, George Purefoy, is responsible for the execution of laws and the administration of the government of the city. In other words, our City Manager handles Frisco's day-to-day operations.

While our City Manager takes care of daily administration, our Mayor and City Council focus on the future vision of Frisco. Our mayor facilitates City Council meetings. However, as Mayor, he does not vote except to break a tie. As Mayor, Maher Maso is the official spokesperson for the City Council.

As a "Home Rule" City, Frisco has more control over establishing its boundaries through council initiated annexation. Under "Home Rule," Frisco has more flexibility to adopt its own rules in addition to state legislation.

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