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(May 21, 2013) During severe weather season, we remind residents to be prepared.  Here are some ‘safety tips’ to keep in mind during our ever-changing weather conditions in North Texas.   

·       Monitor your local TV and radio stations for storm alerts; monitor a NOAA weather radio (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

·       Move to a small, interior room with no windows (such as a closet or bathroom) when a tornado. warning is issued or is imminent.

·       Move to the lowest possible level of a building or structure.

·       Avoid places-rooms with wide-span roofs.

·       Apartment dwellers should move to the lowest level of the complex.  Contact your leasing office about its ‘emergency’ plan for sheltering its residents.

·       Mobile home dwellers should have a plan to ‘seek shelter’ prior to a storm’s arrival.  Mobile homes are not considered ‘safe shelters’.  

·       Get underneath sturdy furniture; cover your neck and head.

·       Do not seek shelter under a bridge or overpass.

·       Do not try to ‘outrun’ a tornado in a vehicle.

·       Lie down in ditch or low-lying area, away from your vehicle, if you find yourself stranded.  

·       Have a ‘emergency kit’ on hand:  Flashlight, battery-operated radio, food, water, are helpful items to pack.  Consider storing in a ‘backpack’ for convenience.


For more detailed information, check out these websites: 

·         www.friscofire.com

·         http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/dem/Preparedness/tips/tornadoSafetyTips.htm

·         http://texasprepares.org/English/information-tornadoes.shtml

·         www.texasprepares.org

·         www.ready.gov


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