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Many Frisco Square streets closed Monday for bike rally 

(May 23, 2014) Many of the streets within the Frisco Square area will be closed on Monday, May 26, between 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for a bicycle rally, the Texas State Criterium (see map).  Frisco Square Boulevard will be closed between World Cup Way and Frisco Street; Page Street will be closed between the parking garage and Library Street; and Library Street will be closed between Frisco Square Boulevard and Burnham Street.

During this closure, there will be no vehicular access to the plaza in front of City Hall and the Library, both of which will be closed due to the Memorial Day holiday.  If needed, motorists will be able to access the free municipal parking garage behind the building by approaching it on Page Street from the west.  This is also the route that Library patrons will need to take to reach the drive-up library book drop-off.

The following groups should use Main Street and Coleman Boulevard to access the parking lots behind the Frisco Square businesses:

·        Race participants

·        Business traffic on Coleman Blvd

·        Residents who live north of the Plaza

The following groups should use northbound Dallas Parkway or World Cup Way to reach Page Street to access the free parking garage behind City Hall and the Library:

·        Race participants

·        Library book drop-off traffic

The following groups should use Dallas Parkway and Cotton Gin Road or Main Street and John W. Elliott Drive to access their facilities:

·        Residents who live east of Library Street

·        Frisco Senior Center (closed for Memorial Day)

·        Frisco Heritage Center (closed for Memorial Day)

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