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Coit Road closure between Buckeye Drive and Rockhill Road extended indefinitely 

(December 2, 2011) The closure of the unpaved section of Coit Road between Buckeye Drive and Rockhill Road has been extended indefinitely while a new paved section of Coit Road is built.  The unpaved section of Panther Creek Parkway between Honey Grove Drive and Coit Road will also be closed at the same time.  These closures are expected to remain in place for several months... view the map.

During this closure, only local traffic will be allowed on Coit Road north of Eldorado Parkway, and no traffic will be allowed to enter the dirt roads from Rockhill Road or from Panther Creek Parkway.  The traffic that typically uses these dirt roads to access Maus Middle School will need to use Eldorado Parkway and turn north on Coit Road to reach the school.

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