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(September 20, 2013) The City of Frisco will ground spray for mosquitoes two nights, September 22 and 23 (Sunday and Monday nights) beginning at 10 p.m. through 6 a.m. each night.  The general area to be sprayed is bordered by Panther Creek Parkway to the north; Honey Grove Drive to the east; Halifax Drive to the south (just north of Eldorado Pkwy); and Molina Drive to the west.  The nearby creek area will also be sprayed.  Click here to see map

The City of Frisco received confirmation late this afternoon that a mosquito pool tested 'positive' for West Nile virus (WNV).  A third-party, licensed contractor working for the City of Frisco confirmed the case.  

A City of Frisco ‘fogger truck’ will spray the impacted neighborhoods. The truck will emit a 300 foot swath of spray from the back of the vehicle.  The city’s third-party contractor will spray the creek area. 

The City of Frisco recommends you stay indoors during spraying, bring pets indoors and refresh your pets’ outdoor water dishes the next morning.  

If the ‘fogger truck’ encounters pets or people, the driver will turn off the ‘fogger’ and go around the individuals or pets. The spray produces a very fine mist.  Experts report no negative impact to stationary objects.  Pool water, if properly filtrated, will not be affected.  

The City of Frisco supports precautionary steps promoted by the Texas Department of State Health Services – and commonly referred to as “The Four D’s”:  

-        DRAIN all standing water;

-        DRESS in light-colored, long sleeve clothing when outdoors;

-        DEET…Use mosquito repellants that contain Deet; 

-        DUSK OR DAWN…Avoid outdoor activities during these hours when mosquitoes are most active.

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