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Frisco Fire Department - Fire Marshals Office

Fire Prevention Division - Permit Department

8601 Gary Burns Dr

Ph. 972-292-6320   Fax 972-292-6329

Inspection Line: 972-292-6328


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Project Information

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Contractor Information

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Type Permit Applied For: *Check Appropriate Type(s)*

( ) New Construction

( ) Single Family Fire Sprinkler

( ) Gate Control System

( ) Fuel Tank Removal - Type                     

( ) Demolition

( ) Commercial Fire Sprinkler

( ) Tent

( ) Fuel Tank Installation - Type                   

( ) Alteration/Addition

                     Floor Area (sq.ft.)

( ) Fireworks

( ) Access Control System

( ) Underground Fire Main

( ) Automatic Fire Alarm

( ) Drilling

( ) Hood Suppression System

( ) Control Burning

                     Number of Devices

( ) Other:



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Details regarding the above request must be filed when application is made and whenever requested by the Fire Marshal. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that conditions are in accordance with applicable codes and regulations. No work is to commence until plans are approved and permit is issued. Violation of work without a permit can result in an issuance of a fine, permit revocation or both.


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