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Pools and Pool Enclosures 

Residential jacuzzi tubs, above ground, and in ground pools and spas with more than 24’’ of water require a Pool Permit to ensure safety and quality of work. Regardless of depth, commercial (public/semi-public) pools, spas, and play features require a Permit.  Spray parks/pads also require a Permit and have special requirements. 

Plan review is required before a residential or commercial pool, spray park/pad or spa may be built.  Plans are submitted to Health & Food Safety after a Permit Technician reviews the submittal for completion.

Please call Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 for residential and commercial swimming pool and spa code questions, residential and commercial pool plan submittal, or commercial pool and spa inspections.  Please call the Building Inspections Division for questions regarding residential pool inspections at 972-292-5301.  To inquire if a Pool Permit is approved, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 972-292-5301, then press "0".


* * NEW! * * Starting January 1, 2014, the City of Frisco's updated fee schedule and newly adopted codes with local amendments will be effective. 

Residential Swimming Pools & Spas Submittal Requirements & Inspection Checklist - Please note the Residential Fence and Gate Requirements (Pool Enclosures) located on Page 3 of the "Residential Swimming Pools & Spas - Submittal Requirements & Inspection Checklist" guide.

PUBLIC INTERACTIVE WATER FEATURES & FOUNTAINS (PIWF) RULES - State law and requirements regarding fountains and water features within the City of Frisco.

Semi-public/Public Pool and Spa Requirements — State requirements for semi-public pools, public pools, and spas.

Semi-public/Public Pool and Spa Additional Requirements — City ordinance, references state requirements, as well as some additional stipulations.

Commercial Swimming Pools, PIWF & Fountains and Spas Plan Submittal Requirements, Permitting, and Inspections - Informational on permit and plan submittal requirements, includes a Pre-Commercial Pool Construction Letter and Post-Commercial Pool Construction Letter examples to be submitted on the engineer's letterhead.

Commercial Pool & Spa Plan Design, Review and Construction Checklist - Information required to be completed, signed, and submitted with a pool and/or spa plan with the application documents for review.

Pre- and Post- Commercial Pool Construction Letter Examples - Information required to be completed then submitted on the engineer's letterhead before construction of a commerical pool begins (pre-construction) and prior to a Commercial Pool Final Inspection (post-construction).

Certification of Pool Protection Device Installation

Permit to Operate Application - An application required to operate a public pool or semi-public pool.

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