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Development Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

Animal bite or attack:
Please contact the Police Department at 972-292-6010 which will coordinate with Animal Control.

License/register pets/animals:
Domestic pets with a current rabies vaccination tag on their collar will satisfy the registration requirement.

Barking, whining, dog in the middle of the night:
Please contact the Police Department at 972-292-6010 to investigate the noise disturbance. 

Building Inspection

Fence permit/height requirements:
Permits are required on all fences built, except when repairing or replacing a portion of the fence -- limited to two (2) sections or sixteen (16) feet. Fences may be built up to eight (8) feet in height from grade on the rear and side yards of the main structure. Fences in the front of the main structure may be built four (4') feet in height and all vision clips must be observed. In no case can a fence or portion of the fence extend past any property line.  Updated 2012: Fence Ordinance.

Accessory structures, setbacks and materials:
Accessory structures such as patio covers, storage buildings, or detached garages, may be built as long as they meet setback criteria for that lot. Building materials depend on the size of the accessory building. Read the Accessory Structure Standards to determine the setback and building materials specific to your situation.

Code Enforcement

Garage Sale Signs:
Information for Garage Sale Signs can be found on our Code Enforcement Division page.

Report junk, abandoned, inoperable vehicle on public property:
To report an automotive infraction, please contact our Police Department at 972-292-6010.

Report an open well or other unsafe structure:
Information regarding unsafe structures can be found on our Code Enforcement Division page.


Planning - Long Range

HOA contact information:
Information on Homeowner Association contacts can be found on our HOA page or contact the Neighborhood Services Coordinator at 972-292-5361.

Green Building Program:
Information on the Green Building Program can be found in our Green Building Program sections

Population and demographics:
Information on the population can be found on our Demographics page.


Health & Food Safety

Sell or offer food without having to rent space or build a building:  
Please visit Health & Food Safety's FAQ page for answers to the most requested questions.

Swimming pool questions/permits:
For questions about residential and commercial pools, please visit the Pools page. To inquire about the status of a permit, please call a Permit Technician at 972-292-5301. Status of permits can also be viewed online using a PIN number.  Please call the above number for PIN questions.

Fence and gate requirements surrounding a residential pool:
Information on pool enclosures can be found here.


Planning - Current

Determine the zoning on a piece of property:
Use the interactive GIS Maps page to locate your property in the city and determine its zoning.

Setbacks & Development Standards (allowable heights, lot coverage, permitted lot size for a property, or the parking, landscaping, etc.):
For setbacks and other zoning information, first use the GIS Map to find the zoning for your property. Then refer to Zoning Ordinance to look up the standards for that zoning designation (Development Standards Tables on pages 81 & 82) and find parking, landscaping, site plan and other development-specific requirements.

Vacant lots:
The City can’t predict what will actually be developed on a piece of property. However, you can get an idea of what the land might be used for by checking the zoning of the vacant property on the GIS Map, then using the Land Use Chart to see what uses are allowed in the property’s zoning classification.

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