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 Open House April 10, 2014 



Agenda and Topic Station Activities Handout Attendees participated at several activities at each of the six Topic Stations


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The Frisco community needs your best ideas about topics important
to planning for the future of Frisco.  For this open house, we grouped
areas of needed feedback into six categories, or Topic Stations:

Life-long CommunityWhat will make Frisco attractive to people at all stages of their lives?

Natural AssetsHow can Frisco make the most of its natural assets and limited resources?

Connectivity.   What connections, mobility improvements and travel mode choices will make it easy to get around Frisco in 2035?

Resilient EconomyWhat business opportunities will give Frisco a strong and adaptable economy in the future?

Distinctive Community Identity.   What will make Frisco a distinctive and desirable community in the future?

A Vibrant & Vital Center.   What should the central area of Frisco be like in 20 years?


A brief presentation provided background information on the Plan update purpose, process, and timeline.

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