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2014/2015 Plan Update, Purpose & Goals  

Why update the Plan? 

  • • The City needs to be able to attract the right kinds of development to meet today’s needs.
  • • Major new investments have been made in Frisco. All of these investments have changed
      Frisco’s role in the North Texas region and have opened up new opportunities for this
      community’s future.
  • • Changing socio-economic trends, new directives and future growth potential for the City
       require fresh perspective and review of the existing Plan. In the years since the 2006 Plan
       was adopted, Frisco has attracted more than 50,000 new residents (an almost 60% population
       increase from 2006). These new residents should have a voice in the community’s
       future direction and investments.
  • • A number of projects have been completed that implement the 2006 Plan. Detailed planning
      studies, capital project and improvement analysis, design standards guidelines, and updated
      zoning and subdivision ordinances have all brought progress. These studies and investments
      have given Frisco a strong foundation from which to grow into the next decade.

It is now time to update the overall comprehensive plan to reflect the steps we need to take next.

The update of the Comprehensive Plan will re-evaluate and update elements, and also
provide research and innovative strategies to address:

  • • Frisco’s transition from a growing city to a city with aging neighborhoods and an aging
    • Planning for a variety of housing types and sizes, including addressing the increased
      demand for urban-style multi-family and mixed-use residential
    • How public safety and public health can be core components of the Plan
    • Placemaking
    • Public transit
    • Water conservation
    • Tourism
    • Market-based land use studies


The goal of this update is to produce a new Comprehensive Plan that:

  • • Is supported by current and comprehensive data
    • Incorporates best practices regarding planning, urban design, livability and resiliency
    • Provides a framework for evaluating development proposals in the City, including detailed
      goals, objectives and policy statements
    • Includes innovative implementation and fiscal approaches to ensure successful
      implementation of the Comprehensive Plan's policies and programs

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