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Development Application Handbook 

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Development Application

Also Availalble: Single-Family Front Entry Lot Layout Guidelines  

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Sec. 1.  General Information & Applications

             Flow Chart: Preliminary Plat (PP) 
             Flow Chart: Final Plat (FP)
             Pre-Submittal Meeting Information
             Pre-Submittal Schedule
             Zoning & Development Review Fees
             Application: Development & Zoning Changes
             Required Documents for a Submittal
             Tax Certificate Information
             Procedures for Plat Filing
             Street Name Approval Criteria
             PowerPoint Notice

Sec. 2.  Annexations

             Application: Annexations

Sec. 3.  Zoning

             Checklist:  Zoning Request 
             Checklist:  Specific Use Permit (SUP) 
             Checklist:  Planned Development (PD) 
             Zoning Sign Criteria
             Zoning Sign Design Diagram

Sec. 4.  Development

             Checklist:  Non-Residential Development Review
             Checklist:  Residential Development Review 
             Checklist:  Conveyance Plat (CP)
             Checklist:  Preliminary Plat (PP)
             Checklist:  Final Plat (FP), Replat (RP), Minor Plat, Amended Plat, & Plat Vacation
             Plat Language
             Easement Language
             Checklist:  Preliminary Site Plan (PSP)
             Checklist:  Site Plan (SP)
             Checklist:  Substantially Conforming Site Plan (SCSP)
             Checklist:  Substantially Conforming Site Plan (SCSP) - Telecommunication Antennas
             Example:     SCSP for Cell Tower
             Checklist:   Open Space Plan
             Checklist:   Façade Plan
             Example:      Façade Sample Board

Sec. 5.  Civil & Landscape Plans

             Checklist:  Preliminary Drainage & Utility Plan
             Checklist:  Residential Construction Plan
             Checklist:  Commercial Construction Plan
             Checklist:  Landscape Plan
             Landscape & Tree Protection Notes
             Approved Plant List
             Checklist:  Detailed Tree Survey & Tree Preservation Plan

Sec. 6.  Letter Templates

             Example:     Waiver of Right to 30-Day Action
             Example:     Request to Table Project

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