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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program 

The Frisco Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program was implemented in 2010 as a means to provide a more professional and humane response to individuals in serious mental health crisis.  The program is based on the Memphis Model, which is the standard for similar programs nationwide.

The department's Crisis Intervention Team is composed of police officers who volunteer to become certified in crisis intervention after attending a 40-hour specialized school.  Major topics of study include the recognition of mental illness, psychopharmacology, on-site visits to local mental health facilities, and crisis de-escalation skills. 

When the police department receives a call involving a person in a serious mental health crisis, the call is dispatched to a CIT-certified officer in order to ensure the most appropriate police response.

History & Development of CIT

The Crisis Intervention Team Program was developed in 1988 by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department in response to a tragic incident.  In 1987, police officers in Memphis fatally shot a suicidal person who was cutting himself with a knife after approaching officers.  After the incident, there was an outcry from the public for the department's dealing of the incident that ultimately prompted the mayor to establish a task force to investigate the incident and make recommendations for improvement.

The task force that was formed was comprised of representatives from the police department, the medical center at The University of Tennessee, the board of education, local mental health facilities, local citizens, and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).  The task force ultimately created the CIT program in an attempt to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring again.

With the success of the Memphis Police Department's program, police agencies nationwide began to implement similar programs.  The Memphis Model thus became the standard for law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Frisco’s CIT Program

Along with training and providing professional care to people in crisis, Frisco police's CIT officers continually work toward the development of community programs.  These programs are designed to provide support and resources for those in the City of Frisco who might be struggling with personal mental illness or the mental illness of someone close to them.

The police department has a number of programs and resources, including:

   -  Crisis Intervention Resource Guide - Collin County

   -  Crisis Intervention Resource Guide - Denton County

   -  Frisco After Care Checklist

   -  Take Me Home

Additional Information

For more information about the CIT program, please contact Lieutenant David Crump, the CIT program coordinator, at 972.292.6153 or any one of the officers assigned to the Crisis Intervention Team.

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