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Frisco City Jail Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the Frisco Municipal Jail and when is it open?

The Frisco City Jail is located at 7200 Stonebrook Parkway in Frisco, Texas, on the east side of the Frisco Police Department.  The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can I find out if someone is in the Frisco City Jail?

Contact detention staff at 972.292.6001.

Where is the Collin County Jail?

The Collin County Jail is located at 4300 Community Avenue in McKinney, Texas.

Where is the Denton County Jail?

The Denton County Jail is located at 127 North Woodrow Lane in Denton, Texas.

What does it mean when a person is "booked" into the Municipal Jail?

This is an administrative process documenting a prisoner's entrance into the Municipal Jail. The process includes collecting information such as the person's name, address, reason for the arrest (criminal charge(s)), and inventorying personal property.  A photograph and fingerprints are taken as well.

What occurs during an arraignment?

An arraignment is a formal meeting between a judge and a prisoner. The judge informs the prisoner of his or her charge(s), reads the prisoner his or her rights, and advises the prisoner of the bond amount.

When are prisoners arraigned?

Arraignments are generally held daily between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., but can occur at alternate times to accommodate magistrates' schedules.

What is "Jail Credit"?

The City of Frisco assigns a monetary value for time spent in the Municipal Jail for a City of Frisco Class C misdemeanor ticket or warrant.  A municipal judge determines Municipal Jail credit as regulated by state law.

Is Municipal Jail credit applied to all arrests?

No. Municipal Jail credit only applies to City of Frisco Class C misdemeanors.

What items may I bring a prisoner?

Personal items of convenience and money may not be contributed to the prisoner's property.  Prisoner prescription medication will be accepted and dispensed in the prescribed manner.

How may I get a prisoner's property?

Prisoner property can only be released after the prisoner grants written permission authorizing the release.  To claim prisoner property it is necessary to:

  - Complete a property release form; and

  - Present a driver's license or a state issued identification card.

May a prisoner make free phone calls?

Prisoners are allowed two free telephone calls; once at the completion of the booking process and once after an arraignment by the City Magistrate.  A prisoner also has the opportunity to make collect phone calls from inside a cellblock.

What is an Alias warrant?

This is a warrant where no plea has been entered.  A prisoner, bail bond company, or an attorney can post a bond for this type of warrant.  The bond assures that the prisoner will appear in court.

What is a Capias warrant?

This is a warrant where a plea has been entered and the prisoner did not follow through with the court agreement.  The only way to resolve a Capias warrant is to pay the fine in full or be released through "time served" by remaining in the Municipal Jail until enough jail credit has been earned.

How long will a prisoner remain in the Frisco City Jail Facility for Class C misdemeanor warrants issued out of a different city?

The city that issued the warrant has 24 hours to pick up a prisoner.  If the issuing city fails to meet this deadline, the prisoner may be released and the warrants will be reinstated.

How can a prisoner resolve a City of Frisco Class C misdemeanor warrant?

  - Cash;

  - Released "time served" after acquiring enough jail credit; or

  - A combination of jail credit and cash or credit card payment.

How can a prisoner resolve a Class C misdemeanor warrant issued from another city?

Payment can be accepted by either the issuing agency or the City of Frisco.  If payment is made at the Frisco Municipal Jail, cash must be used.  Only cash in the exact amount can be accepted.

How can a prisoner get out of the Municipal Jail when arrested for a felony or misdemeanor (other than a Class C misdemeanor)?

  - Pay the bond at the Collin County Sheriff's Office bond desk;

  - Pay the bond at the Denton County Sheriff's Office bond desk;

  - Contact an attorney; or

  - Contact a bail bond company.

Will city employees recommend a bail bond company or an attorney?

No, but most bail bond companies and attorneys can be located in the phone book, on the Internet, or by using directory assistance.

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