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Neighborhood Watch 

The Frisco Neighborhood Watch (FNW) program is a non-profit organization that operates city-wide with a focus on non-confrontational crime prevention and education.FNW Logo  FNW strives to reduce citizens' risks of becoming a victim of crime, both at home and in the public.

Neighborhood citizens are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities to the police department, and are educated on ways to make their homes and property more secure.  In addition, the education continues in a "trickle down" effect where each citizen teaches others on these same lessons.

FNW participants are not vigilantes and do not directly contact suspicious persons, enforce laws, or place themselves in situations that may compromise their safety.  Rather, FNW is based on the premise of neighbors getting to know each other, as well as passing on crime-related and prevention information.

For more information on the Frisco Neighborhood Watch, please visit the FNW web site or contact Officer Jon skertich at 972.292.6134, the police department's FNW liaison.

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