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Green Builders 


Residential “Green Building” Construction Waste/Recycling

Ordinance Requirements

Exhibit A of Ordinance #06-10-111 has two requirements that must be accomplished:  

 1) Waste recycling

Construction waste (brick and wood) hauled from the building site by the builder shall be taken to a site or facility legally empowered to accept it for recycling as approved by the County and State in which the facility is located.

 2) Water conservation

Bedding must be mulched to a depth of 2-4 inches using recycled content mulch which includes wood construction waste.


Waste Recycling

 The city’s contracted service provider for  construction waste open top containers is Champion Waste Services Ltd.   

 All construction waste generated on site must be transported to a North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) designated landfill/site.


Permit Application:

 Builders are required to list site/facility used to recycle/process wood at time of registration.   A list of wood recycling companies is provided for your review.  As markets open up other materials will be added to this list.


Recycled Content Mulch

Wood processed from Frisco’s green building sites is available for purchase at::

 Texas Pure  - 214-495-7389


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