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Composting - The Natural Way to Recycle 

What is compost?
Compost, or humus, is the organic material which results from combining leaves, grass, clippings, vegetable and fruit scraps, wood chips, straw and small twigs and then allowing them to break down naturally.

Why compost?
It can save you time and money:

By reducing yard work – no more bagging

By reducing costs – no paper lawn bags or chemical fertilizer to buy

By retaining moisture – lower water bills

How does composting help your garden?

It returns valuable nutrients to the soil – compost improves texture and condition.

It feeds the soil – compost helps regulate PH and promotes soil fertility

It prevents soil erosion – increases moisture retention

It improves yields – compost is a constant source of free fertilizer; healthier, thicker grass and trees; more flowers; vegetables and herbs

Crash course in composting

Choose a spot for a pile or bin.

Pick a bin.

Collect brown and green materials – Brown: dried leaves, grass and other plants. Green: fresh grass clippings, raw vegetables and fruits (no meats, oils, fats or grease)

Place equal amounts of brown and green materials in a heap or bin.
Soak well with water (contents should be like a damp sponge)

Cover pile with tarp, close lid on bin.

Turn pile, contents of bin and add water once a week.

Trouble shooting

Odors? Turn and add brown materials

Dry pile or contents? Add water, greens and mix.

Fruit flies? Stir and add leaves or grass.

Need a bin? Check out the following websites:

Need Compost?  Texas Pure

Frisco is a member of the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) regional composting program. Yard trimmings collected from our residential curbside recycling program are not landfilled; they are composted.  The finished material; compost, topdressing, soil blend and mulch is marketed as TexasPure.  A limited supply of bagged product is available at no charge to residents at the Environmental Collection Center. Pick up is limited to three (3) one-cubic foot bags per month on the 1st Saturday of every month 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Compost is available on a first-come first-serve basis, as supplies last. Additional product can be purchased at Shades of Green Nursery,  8801 Coit Road, 972-335-9095 or the NTMWD Custer Road Transfer Station,  9901 Custer Road 214-495-7389  

For more information about this product, visit www.texaspureproducts.com.

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