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Frisco Remains in stage 3 water restrictions

Fall's milder weather and seasonal rainfall is the perfect time to adjust your sprinkler system controller. The best thing you can do is simply TURN OFF your sprinkler system. Lawns and landscaping require little or no water. In the fall and winter, grasses naturally go dormant, and the green color will fade. 

The City of Frisco is committed to conserving our water supply.

- TURN OFF your sprinkler system and rely on seasonal rains to help area lakes recharge. 

- Avoid planting and watering of cool season grasses, such as ryegrass. It is not permitted under 
  Stage 3 Water Restrictions.

- Change the batteries in your sprinkler controller and check your rain and freeze shut-off sensor to ensure it is
   working properly.

- The use of hand-held hoses, soaker hoses, and drip/bubbler systems is permitted up to two hours daily for
   trees, shrubs, and foundations.

- During CST, there are no 'time of day' restrictions. We encourage watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to avoid 
   icing conditions when temperatures drop below freezing.

- Check the city website, sign up for the weekly e-mail, or call the watering line (972-292-5801) for weekly outdoor
   watering recommendations, based on Frisco's weather station recommendations.

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