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Frisco City Council Approves Ordinance Revising "Water Efficiency Plan"

The North Texas region has been very fortunate to have a rainy spring this year. Lavon Lake, our primary reservoir, is currently full, and we continue to receive more rain! Frisco City Council recently approved an ordinance updating our Water Management Plan with 'Best Management Practices' (BMPs) for the long-term protection of our water supply.

These BMPs focus on our most important, and now award-winning programs for water conservation: operating sprinkler systems manually and using data obtained from our own weather station and rain gauges to determine whether watering is needed. These BMPs will be addressed in part through our soon-to-be implemented Water Efficiency Pledge: 

Water only when watering is needed. Subscribe to Frisco's weekly watering recommendations to receive our weather station data.

•  Keep automatic sprinkler systems and hose-end sprinklers turned off until the data from Frisco's weather station indicates that watering is needed. 

•  Water on your residential trash day, outside the hours of 10 am - 6 pm during Daylight Saving Time (to minimize evaporation from wind and higher temperatures) if -- or when watering is needed. Residential watering is permitted once per week, unless weather station data indicates twice per week watering is recommended.

•  Use a hand-held hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle, drip system or bubbler system for up to two hours any day, should you choose to water by hand.   

•  Schedule a free sprinkler system checkup by one of Frisco's licensed irrigation specialists to ensure sprinkler systems are operating efficiently. 

In 2015, Frisco was awarded Texas' two highest awards for water conservation efforts - one from the Texas Water Foundation and the other from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).




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