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We provide you with the tools you need to foster a WaterWise class. Not only do we have lesson plans that you can use in your classroom, but we can also make a visit to your school and share one of our hands on, interactive water lessons with your students. See below for more information about setting up a visit to your classroom, or trying out a lesson on your own!

Lessons for Your Classroom:
Groundwater Contamination (TWDB)
           Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention (TWDB)
           What is a Watershed (TWDB)
           A Pollution Prevention Message (3rd-12th) (SWC)
           Analyzing Strom Water Issues (6th-12th) (SWC)
           Design a Community with Storm Water in Mind (SWC)
           Fed Up (5th-12th) (SWC)
           Fred the Fish & Urban Stew (3rd-12th) (SWC)
           Glossary (SWC)
           Probing Into Pesticides (6th-12th) (SWC)
           Seed Sprouting Experiment (3rd-8th) (SWC)
           Watershed in a Box (4th-12th) (SWC)
           Algae (5th-8th) (TCEQ)
           Oily Oceans (1st-3rd) (TCEQ)
           Stormdrain (5th-6th) (TCEQ

     Water Conservation
           Water Conservation Glossary (TWDB)
           Water use Activity (TWDB)
           Webquest - Water in Texas (TWDB)

     Water Quality
           Water Treatment (TWDB)
           Is Water Clean (K) (TCEQ)
           Water Filter (5th) (TCEQ)

     Water Resources
           Where are we (TWDB)
           Math & Science in Wetlands (4th-8th) (TCEQ)
           Where in the World (6th-8th) (TCEQ)
           Where Water Goes (K-8th) (TCEQ)

     Water Cycle
           Evaporation (TWDB)
           Permeability (TWDB)
           Porosity (TWDB)
           Transpiration (TWDB)


All Lesson Plans Above Provided from:
Texas Water Development Board Teacher Resources (Texas Maps)
Storm water Coalition Teacher Resources
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Teacher Resources 


Want us to come to your school?
We would be happy to come out to your classroom and share a WaterWise experience with your students. We are able to cover topics about water pollution, the water cycle, and using water efficiently. Students learn how important our water resource is while having fun and getting to participate in hands on activities. For questions, please send us an email at waterwise@friscotexas.gov.

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