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2007 Disclosure 

Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Joplin P.C.
Action Cleaning Systems
All Points Pioneer 07-06-133R
All Pro Transmissions
Altex Electronics
Appraisal Consultation Group
A&R Demolition 07-06-147R
Archive Supplies, Inc
Atlas Supply Co.
B&H Photo Electronics Corp
Bill and Mary Buchen (Son Arc, Inc) 07-12-302R


Bound to Stay Bound Books, Inc

BWI Companies, Inc
Caldwell County Chevrolet
Carter and Burgess_07-10-235R
Carl Walker, Inc Parking Garage
Charles Justus
Classic Cutters Coring-N-Sawing_LLC
Compliance Consortium Corp LLC
Consultant Team
CTL Thompson Texas LLC_06-10-234R
CTL Thompson Texas LLC 07-02-20R
CTL Thompson Texas LLC 07-07-158R
CTL Thompson Texas LLC_07-10-238R
Dannenbaum Engineering Company-Dallas, LLC
Dannenbaum Engineering Co-Dallas LLC 07-07-151R
Dannenbaum Engineering Co_07-11-262R
David Hickman_06-08-192R
David Iles 06-08-19
David Iles 07-03-58R
D Ferralli
DFW Communications, Inc
Emergency Medical Products
Enigma Lake Art Co 07-03-59R
Environmental Industries, LP
Estes, Inc
FEI Equipment, LTD
Forestry Suppliers, Inc
Frances Justus
Freese and Nichols, Inc
Freese and Nichols_07-07-164R
Freese and Nichols_07-10-242R
Freese and Nichols_07-10-250R
Gerry Mayfield
Garver Engineers LLC
Garver Engineers, LLC_07-07-162R
George R Holman
Hardslade Concrete
HBC Terracon 07-02-23R
Heather & Denise Tull
HNTB Corporation 07-07-159R
HNTB Corporation 07-05-96R
HNTB J Holden
HVJ Associates, Inc
HVJ Associates, Inc 07-01-02.pdf
HVJ Associates, Inc 07-01-09R.pdf
HVJ Associates, Inc 07-01-10R.pdf
HVJ Associates, Inc_2.pdf
Jacobs Civil, Inc
Janis Hart dba Montage Imagers, Inc 07-03-60R
Janis Hart dba Montage Imagers, Inc 07-12-287R
JDC Construction_06-11-261R
Jeremy Larcon
Jones and Boyd, Inc 07-04-81R
Juan & Patty Navarrete
Justine Wollaston 07-03-57R
Kimaric Systems, Inc
Kimley-Horn and Associates_06-05-110R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_06-07-166R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_06-07-176R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_07-03-51R
Kimley-Horn and Associates 07-06-127R
Kimley-Horn and Associates 07-06-130R
Kimley-Horn and Associates 07-06-146R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_07-07-165R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_07-10-247R
Kimley-Horn and Associates_07-11-260R
Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc
Laser Technology Inc
Lee Engineering
Leon Martin Jr.
Malcolm Pirnies, Inc_07-11-263R
McCall, Parkhurst & Horton LLP 06-07-73
McDonald Transit_07-09-202R
McKinney Office Supply, Inc
Michael Pavlovsky 07-12-286R
Newman, Jackson, Bieberstein, Inc 07-04-79R
Newman, Jackson, Bieberstein, Inc 07-04-80R
Olen Williams, Inc

Overland Charters
Phyllis Day
Power Systems, Inc
Progressive Roofing_07-10-229R
Pros Consulting, LLC
Pursuit Safety Inc.pdf
RBC Capital Markets.pdf
Redimix Concrete
Refrigerated Specialist
RLK Engineering_07-11-276R
RLK Engineering_07-11-276R
Safe Transportation Training Specialists
Safety Supply, Inc.
SkillPath Seminars & ComputMaster & Human Resources Council
Son Arc, Inc 06-09-208R
Son_ASon Arc Inc_07-12-302RRC, Inc.
Southwest Parks and Playgrounds, LP
S & S Wolrdwide, Inc
Sutton Ink Graphic Design
Texas Archives
Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators
Texas Furniture Source, Inc.
Texas Steel Culverts
Texas Underground, Inc.
The Kitchen @ Preston Trail
Townscape, Inc.
Western Data Systems
Worthington Direct Holdings

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