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First Grade Program 

First graders visiting Frisco Fire Safety Town will study Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety” during their safety program.   The class will last approximately one and a half hours and includes:Children practice using traffic signals

  -  a short classroom presentation 
  -  identification of where each
     student is safest when riding in a
     motor vehicle  
  -  students driving battery-operated
     jeeps throughout the outdoor 
     area of Safety Town
  -  students acting as pedestrians and using crosswalks to cross
     outdoor Safety Town streets

During the class, students will learn:
Students practice crossing the street safely  
where children should sit when riding in a
  -  how a seat belt should fit children when
      sitting in a car or booster seat 
  -  what common traffic signs and signals look
      like and how to use them
  -  how to identify and use a crosswalk and
      pedestrian signal

To assist classroom educators, we have created a First Grade Pre-Visit Teacher Resource Guide that includes an overview of the “School Bus, Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety” program.   

The first grade classroom has a maximum capacity of 45 children.   Programs are taught twice each day at 9:30 a.m. and again at 12:00 p.m.  

Currently, those elementary students attending public, private or home schools in Frisco or Frisco I.S.D. have priority when scheduling programs.   

Other schools or districts who would like to visit Frisco Fire Safety will be accommodated as scheduling permits.   We will work with your group to try to arrange scheduling for your grade level or campus.

Classroom Educators Download Forms:

Grade Pre-Visit Teacher Resource
First Grade Pre-Visit PPT with Pretest and Jeep Instructions
Parent Chaperone
Information Sheet

Bus Driver Drop Off and Parking Instructions
Map to Frisco Commons Park
Presentation Evaluation Form
Child Safety Seat Height Weight Chart
PRE & POST TEST Score Submission Form

Resources for Parents and Teachers:

Seat Belt Safety Activity Book
Traffic Signs Coloring Sheet