Media Relations

It is the policy of the Frisco Police Department to cooperate fully and impartially with authorized news media representatives in their efforts to gather factual public information pertaining to activities of the department, as long as these activities do not interfere with individual rights or violate the law.

Public Information Officers

The police department's point-of-contact for all media requests is the Public Information Officer (PIO). The role of the PIO is to maintain positive and open communications with the media and ensure citizens' awareness of items relating to the police department, public safety, and both state and local laws. 

The Frisco Police Department has multiple PIOs to ensure that all media inquiries are handled in a timely and efficient manner. We have a dedicated media line that is answered by one of the Public Information Officers. The dedicated media number is 972-292-6133. After hours inquiries can normally be handled by email or the media line; however, urgent after hours PIO requests may be routed through dispatch at 972-292-6010, if necessary. 

  1. Lieutenant Mike Crawford

    Mike Crawford


  1. Mattei, Evan

    Evan Mattei

    Sergeant / PIO

  1. Kayla Carney

    Kayla Carney

    Officer / PIO

  1. Radd Rotello

    Radd Rotello

    Officer / PIO

  1. James Willis

    James Willis

    Officer / PIO

  1. Grant Cottingham

    Grant Cottingham

    Officer / PIO