Cooperative Purchasing

The City of Frisco Purchasing Division works to furnish supplies, equipment, and services at the best possible price. Through piggybacking on our contracts interlocal members may take advantage of these cost savings. See below for a list of our most popular contracts followed by a list of current participating entities. If you would like to establish an interlocal agreement with us please contact us at 972-292-5545. 

 Bid Number
Original Solicitation  Bid Tab  Award  Renewal Letter Current Expiration
SCBA Tab Award N/A  3/04/2020
 1804-060 Law Enforcement Uniforms  PrimaryTab /Secondary  Tab  Primary Award / Secondary Award Primary Letter / Secondary Letter  8/07/2020
1905-082 Fire Dept. Uniforms Tab Primary Award / Secondary Award  8/05/2020
 1701-034 Cleaning, Inspection, & Repair of Fire PPE  Tab  Award  Letter  2/21/2020
 1705-081 SCBA Testing & Repair  Tab  Award  Letter  6/13/2020

List of Participating Entities