myFriscoIrrigation is responsible for Irrigation Plan Review, Irrigation Inspections, the FREE Sprinkler System Checkup program, and Water Waste Prevention in the City of Frisco.

Please use myFRISCO app to schedule a free sprinkler system checkup or to report water waste.

Overseeding prohibited in Frisco

Irrigation Backflow

Irrigation Backflow Replacement Permits are processed by Public Works. Permits can be requested in e-Trakit or by contacting the Public Works Department.

Irrigation Inspections

Before scheduling your inspection you must have a valid permit and have passed your backflow inspection.

Backflow must be approved prior to scheduling an irrigation inspection. Questions? Email Backflow, or call 972-292-5800.

To apply for an Irrigation Permit, complete the online application.

Irrigation Plan Review

For questions related to plan reviews, call Public Works 972-292-5800.

Watering Exemption

Residents may apply for a temporary water exemption to establish new landscape due to construction or severe erosion control on their property. A free sprinkler system checkup is required for approved exemption applications. Read more about water exemption requests.