The Right-of-Way (ROW) Inspection Division is responsible for the management and permitting process for usage of City ROW and easements.

Before any construction can take place in the City's ROW or easements, a contractor must have an approved City ROW permit, and all City water, sewer and traffic line locates must be completed.

Right of Way

These requirements are to ensure the protection of the City's infrastructure as outlined in Chapter 78 of the City's Code of Ordinances under Article II ROW Management (PDF), which was Amended by Frisco City Council on August 15, 2017. Ordinance Number 17-08-58 (PDF) went into effect on August, 25, 2017.

The following steps must be completed to obtain a ROW permit.

*****ROW permit applications must be submitted online using eTRAKit.***** 

  1. All owners, contractors and/or subcontractors must be REGISTERED with the City. To register with the City, please fill out and email to ROW the Contractor Registration Form (PDF) and certificate of insurance (sample insurance requirements (PDF)). Please allow 2 business days for processing.
  2. For Chapter 284 Network Node installations, please visit the Network Node Permit page for more details on the required application process and submittal requirements.
  3. If the work being done is ONLY located within TxDOT ROW, then a City of Frisco ROW permit is not required. However, the TxDOT ROW permit number is required on the City of Frisco line locate request form. (See instructions below on how to request City of Frisco line locates)

Online ROW Permit Submittal Instructions:

  1. Applicant must log into eTRAKit with a 4 digit pin the applicant selects.
  2. Once the applicant is logged into eTRAKit, the applicant will be required to enter a new 6-24 character pin for future logins.
  3. Before the applicant begins the submittal process, the applicant must acknowledge that any required fees must still be paid prior to a ROW permit being issued.
  4. All eTRAKit questions must be answered, the project plans (in PDF format) must show all City of Frisco utilities based on as-built drawings, any other required documents, and a completed ROW permit application form (PDF) must be uploaded/attached in PDF format to the ROW permit number the applicant is issued prior to review of the permit submittal.
  5. Please pay special attention to the following items when filling out the online ROW permit: The Job Value is required and should be set to $0.00 for all ROW permits. On page 2 of the online permit submittal, the Owner information will automatically fill in the owner information chosen for the Location on page 1. Therefore, you MUST change the owner information to the project owner's contact information.