Employee Assistance Program

We all need a little help every now and then. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by Cigna. There are a variety of resources and support services available 24/7 free to you and your family. The EAP Program is available to ALL City of Frisco employees and includes dependents. These services are confidential. See the below documentation for some of the services offered.

You can call into the EAP at 1-877-622-4327

Employer ID is: friscotexas

Cigna's behavioral health website and online resources will be at MyCigna. If you already have registered at MyCigna for Medical, Prescription, and/or Dental benefits, EAP will already be part of the digital experience. You can use the search tool found in your MyCigna account to search for EAP content.

For Registration Purposes for the EAP Website content:

Employees and dependents of employees who have not registered for MyCigna can still access the City's EAP by calling into the number up above. However, if you want access to the online content, you will need to register or login to your MyCigna account.

For those who have elected medical and/or dental coverage through Cigna and have not registered yet for your MyCigna account, you will need to bypass the EAP checkbox option in registration. This is only for those not covered by Cigna's health or dental plans. Once you are logged in, you should be able to access your medical and/or dental content and also the EAP content.

For those who have not elected the medical and/or dental coverage through Cigna, you will need to register for a MyCigna account. During the initial part of registration, please select the Employee Assistance Program check box to indicate you would like to register for the EAP online.

  • Visit MyCigna and select Register Now.
  • You will need to register using the full name, date of birth, address, and relationship to primary customer information.
  • You can select the check box that allows you to register for the Employee Assistance Program
  • The Employer ID is: friscotexas

If you have issues registering for the website, please contact 800-853-2713 for tech support from Cigna.

Other resources the Employee Assistance Program can be found on Cigna's main website. Here are some quick links: Autism | Eating Disorders | Children & Families | Substance Use Disorders | Managing Stress Tips

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