Community Services Staff

Community Services Officers

The Community Services Division is comprised of 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant, 4 officers, 2 public service officers (PSOs), 1 administrative assistant and a myriad of citizen volunteers. These dedicated men and women are tasked with maintaining and facilitating the positive relationship between the Police Department and the citizens we serve.

  1. Deputy Chief Billy Clay

    Billy Clay

    Deputy Chief of Police

  1. Mattei, Evan

    Evan Mattei

    Sergeant / PIO

  1. Kayla Carney

    Kayla Carney

    Officer / PIO

  1. Radd Rotello

    Radd Rotello

    Officer / PIO

  1. James Willis

    James Willis

    Officer / PIO

  1. Grant Cottingham

    Grant Cottingham

    Officer / PIO