Smart Controller Program

The Smart Controller Program is currently suspended.

Applications will only be accepted for the Rebate Program. Please check back in 2019 for program updates.

Rebate Program Information

The City of Frisco offers a $100 rebate incentive, applied to the water bill, for homes built prior to 2007. Homeowners must register the controller with the City's Smart Controller Program. If you plan to install a smart controller, select a controller from the City of Frisco's qualified smart controllers list. Registration includes programming assistance and an irrigation check-up. Use online application.

A 'smart' irrigation controller is a sprinkler system that adjusts watering run times by using weather data. Smart controllers can reduce outdoor water use by nearly 30%.

Homes built prior to 2007 are eligible to apply for a one-time, $100 rebate.

To apply, attach proof of purchase to your online Smart Controller Application. The application and receipt must be received within six months of purchase. Smart controllers which require a weather-based signal must also provide proof of subscription.
Homes built after 2007 are not eligible for the rebate and applications to the Between 2007 and 2018, City ordinance requires that sprinkler system installations in Frisco are required to include smart irrigation controller technology. City Ordinance now requires homes to have a functioning controller and rain/freeze sensor that better allows residents to control when their systems operate without violating the City's Water Management Plan and/or Best Management Practices.


Register your smart controller by completing the online application and attaching your receipt to that application submission. 

The water education staff will schedule your irrigation check-up appointment after receiving your application and notify you of the appointment via email.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please email WaterWise.