Household Chemical Disposal

Drop-off Requirements

Drop-off for environmentally safe disposal and recycling of household cleaners, automotive chemicals, fertilizers, paints, light bulbs, batteries, and electronics can be done on Wednesdays from 2 - 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Environmental Collection Center 6616 Walnut Street. Matching Frisco water bill and driver’s license are required, access is open to Frisco residents and those with vouchers. For Frisco residents in apartments, you must bring your current rent statement with matching Driver's license, quantity restrictions are reduced by half. For the safety of yourself and our workers, please separate all items you bring to prevent breaking or spilling. Keep Frisco beautiful by doing your part to ensure proper waste disposal of hazardous materials.  

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Gather your household chemicals and electronics. If possible, have all chemicals in original containers. Make sure none of the bottles are leaking. Place containers into a cardboard box for safe transport. Visit our Household Chemical Disposal Center during our special hours of operation with your current Frisco water bill and driver's license.


Ten gallon (no more than 15 containers) limit per product, per day. For electronics, CPU's, monitors, and televisions are limited to 3 each per day. Up to 10 florescent light tubes are allowed per day.  If you are concerned your items will exceed this limit, please call 972-292-5913. Larger quantities are considered business or commercial waste and are not acceptable. It is illegal to dispose of any items when the facility is closed and if there is not an attendant present.  

Bottle / Container Identification

Special handling, storage and safe disposal are required if one or more of the following words are listed on the bottle / container:
Caution, Combustible, Corrosive, Danger, Explosive, Flammable, Harmful If Swallowed, Irritant, Poison, Reactive, Toxic, Volatile, Warning

Managing Household Chemicals

Buy only what you need and use as directed. Read the warning labels and take precautions including wearing appropriate garnets and safety equipment if advised. Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place out of reach of children and pets. Do not store products in attics or near a heat source. Do not mix, combine or consolidate them. When transporting, handle with care, tightly secure containers, place items in a box to prevent spillage. Clean any spillage and wash hands after handling. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling or transporting chemicals.

Recycling Fees

Frisco residents are able to drop off most items free of charge with a current water bill and matching license. Any item containing Freon (refrigerators, water coolers, A/C units, etc.), incurs a $40 charge added to the resident's next utility bill. No form of payment is accepted on site. Fees are subject to change without notice.


E-Waste Recycling

City of Frisco Environmental Collection Center uses UER United Electronics Recycling to safely and securely recycle electronics. There is no refurbishing or reselling with this recycler, you are always welcome to take extra precautions and render your hard drive useless and/or wipe personal information. City of Frisco strives to be leaders in sustainable practices, this is why our recycler is located in Texas and does not ship e-waste overseas.

Drop off for residents is free, for those with commercial quantities (more than 3 CPUs or televisions); UER can set up for a private contract meeting the electronic recycling needs.

View information about Computer Equipment Recycling (PDF).