Hike and Bike Trails

Trail Map

See the trail map for hike and bike trail locations. More hike and bike trails and walking loops can be found at individual neighborhood parks

Beavers Bend Trail (1.2 miles)

This trail is located in Beavers Bend Neighborhood Park, extending from Beavers Bend Park to 4th Army Drive. It will eventually connect with B.F. Phillips Sports Complex.

Caddo Trail (1.1 Miles)

The Caddo Trail is located along Stewart Creek, south of Stonebrook Parkway. It extends through the Chapel Creek development and connects to J.C. Grant Park adjacent to Spears Elementary School.

College Parkway Trail (1.2 Miles)

This trail runs along the TXU easement from College Parkway north past Rolater Road to the Preston Ridge Campus of Collin College, Shawnee Trail Sports Complex, Shepherds Glen Park and north to Main Street.

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt Trail (1.2 Miles)

Located within the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt, this trail runs from Teel Parkway under the Dallas North Tollway to Wakeland High School.  

Griffin Parc Trail (1.1 Miles)

Located within the Griffin Parc subdivision, this a series of trails running from Legacy Drive west to Teel Parkway. 

Lone Star Ranch Trail (0.5 Miles)

Located within the Lone Star Ranch development, this a series of trails running between Timber Ridge Drive and south to Lebanon Road. 

Taychas Trail (2.2 Miles) 

Located along West Rowlett Creek, this is a series of trails that run north from Lime Stone Quarry Park past Rolater Road, to Independence Parkway into Harold Bacchus Community Park, then north to Main Street. 

Trails of West Frisco Trail (0.8 Miles)

Located within the Trails of West Frisco development, this is a series of trails that runs from Teel Parkway and FM 720 north along to Teel Parkway to Cottonwood Creek. 

West Rowlett Creek Trail

Located along the West Rowlett Creek corridor, this trail consists of a series of smaller trails running from Custer to Preston Road. 

Frisco Mountain Bike Trail (10.5 miles)

This trail is located on the future park site of Northwest Community Park north of Lone Star High School at Glory View and Teel Parkway.

  • Mileage: Total mileage is 10.5 miles and 650 feet of climbing broken into the following loops:
    • Ranger Loop is the outer loop, identified by the blue track. There are waypoint markers number from 1-9 along the trail. Ranger is approximately 2.5 miles in length and beginner friendly.
    • Wolverine is identified by the orange track with markers numbered 1-5 and on orange posts. Approaching the end of Wolverine, there is a bypass to allow a repeat of Wolverine. Wolverine is approximately 1.1 miles in length and includes some tighter turns, steeper climbs, and some tight tree gates.
    • Coyote is identified by the yellow track. Waypoint markers are numbered 1-5 on yellow posts. At the end of Coyote, a bypass allows a repeat of Coyote. Coyote is approximately 2 miles in length and includes longer flowing uphill and downhill sections. There are several tree gates and a steep ravine drop. In several areas there are alternative tracks around obstacles to add interest.
    • Redhawk is identified by the Red track. Waypoint markers are numbered 1-5 on red posts. At the end of Redhawk, there is a bypass to allow a repeat of Redhawk.  Redhawk is approximately 1.5 miles in length and includes some big down hills, and some long climbs.
Waypoint markers are not a set distance apart. Rather they are located in specific easily identifiable areas, and serve as reference points only. View Trail Map (PDF).

This trail was built and is maintained by volunteers of the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association (DORBA), Shawnee Trail Cycling Club and Frisco Cycling Club in partnership with the City of Frisco. More than 1,500 volunteer hours have gone into building the trail. Although the trail was built as a mountain bike trail, walkers and runners are encouraged to use the trail as well.

More information and rules regarding trail use can be found by calling the hotline or visiting the websites listed below.
The trail status (open or closed) will be updated on the above websites and hotline. A status of "closed" indicates the trail may be too wet or other issues need to be addressed to use the trail safely.