Current Bids

  1. Reference #: 2110-011. Name: First St. Park Reinvestment

    Description: The First Street Park Reinvestment Project consists of landscape and irrigation improvements of the newly reconstructed First Street Park starting at the intersection of First Street and Ash Street. The landscape design consists of...

  2. Reference #: 2110-014. Name: 2021 Sidewalk Repairs

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking bids for turnkey sidewalk repairs. This is a best value bid seeking a single vendor (“Contractor”) to complete a listing of approximately 485 locations throughout the City that are to be repaired through...

  3. Reference #: 2111-021. Name: Outdoor Pool Repairs

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking best value bids from vendors to make various repairs to our outdoor pools located at our athletic center. The Frisco Athletic Center (FAC) is located at 5828 Nancy Jane Lane, Frisco, TX 75035. Project closes...

  4. Reference #: 2007-075. Name: Primary Depository Bank Services

    Description: The City of Frisco, TX (the “City”) is soliciting sealed applications from qualified banking institutions to provide primary depository bank services. The initial term shall commence July 1, 2021 and end June 30, 2024, may be extended...

  5. Reference #: 2111-023. Name: Traffic Signal Switch Equipment

    Description: Traffic Signal Switch Equipment Project closes Dec 15, 2020 2:00 PM CST.

  6. Reference #: 2111-022. Name: West Rowlett Creek Wastewater Trunk Main

    Description: The project generally includes the Construction of WEST ROWLETT CREEK WASTEWATER TRUNK MAIN consisting of 4,115 linear feet of 10” to 15” sanitary sewer line and including, clearing, excavation, installation, backfill, erosion control,...

  7. Reference #: 2111-024. Name: Landscape Maintenance Services

    Description: The City of Frisco is soliciting Best Value Bids for Landscape Maintenance Services. This contract may be awarded by segment or as a whole to the highest ranked responsive, responsible bidder(s). Project closes Dec 17, 2020 2:00 PM CST.

  8. Reference #: 2111-020. Name: Traffic Signal Communication Equipment

    Description: Traffic Signal Communication Equipment Project closes Dec 17, 2020 2:00 PM CST.