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Ruff Range Dog Park

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Ruff Range Dog Park

Ruff Range Dog Park is located at 5335 4th Army Memorial Drive, within B.F. Phillips Community Park. Ruff Range Dog Park features a large and small dog off-leash area as well as parking.

Report all dog bites to Frisco Animal Control or the Police Department prior to leaving the park.
  • Frisco Animal Control: 972-292-5303
  • Frisco Police Non-Emergency: 972-292-6010
For recorded information, including weather closings and regular maintenance, you may call our information line, 972-292-6506.

The facility will be closed every Thursday for regular maintenance.

Two large dog areas have rotating access so that one area is always open while the second recovers from use. These areas switch approximately every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of the month. 

Please remember that a warm, sunny day does not mean the park will be open. If the ground is wet, the park will remain closed regardless of current weather conditions. 

Dog Park Rules

The off-leash area shall be used at the person's own risk. Persons utilizing the park are liable for any injury or damage caused by themselves or their dogs.

Please read all the rules before visiting the park. People who violate these rules are subject to removal from the park and may be prohibited from future use.

How to Enter & Leave the Off-leash Area

You enter the area through a double-gated vestibule. These vestibules are designed with two gates to provide maximum control over your dog and the other dogs as you enter/leave the area. If someone is ahead of you, please wait your turn. To exit the park, follow these procedures in reverse.
  • Before you enter the gate, check to be sure the inner gate is closed.
  • Open the outer gate and enter the vestibule with your dog(s).
  • Close the outer gate behind you.
  • Remove your dog's leash. Having your dog on a leash when confronting an off-leash dog may cause problems. Your dog can feel vulnerable and fearful, as well as the need to protect you.
  • Before you open the inner gate, check to be sure the inner area is not congested with excited dogs waiting to pounce on the new dog or the dogs trying to get in.
  • Pay attention to the reception from the dogs already in the enclosure.
  • Open the inner gate and enter the park with your dog.
  • Close the inner gate behind you and move your dog away from the entrance.