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City Manager's Office

  1. Ceremonial Document Request

    Use this form to request official ceremonial documents from the Mayor's Office, including proclamations, certificates and letters of... More…

  2. Request for Outdoor Gatherings

    Governor Greg Abbott issued proclamation amending Executive Order GA-30 relating to mass gatherings in Texas, stating that certain... More…

  1. Mayor/Council Member Appearance Request

    To request an appearance or speaking engagement by the Mayor or a Council Member, please fill out the Mayor/Council Member Appearance... More…

Customer Service

  1. Customer Service

    In Frisco, service is our business. Have a comment about how our employees are doing? Tell us about it! Our goal is to serve our city... More…

Development Services

  1. Block Party Trailer Request Form
  2. HOA Directory Change Form
  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    An online form that can be used to submit code complaints.

  2. Project Input Form

    The City of Frisco receives many zoning and development requests throughout the year. We want to hear your opinion on these proposals.... More…

Environmental Services

  1. Adopt-A-Street Activity Report

    This form, in conjunction with the volunteer signature forms, are the reporting requirement of the quarterly clean-up for your... More…

  2. Commercial Waste Services Application

    New Commercial Waste Applicants must have opened a Frisco water account and have a Certificate of Occupancy.

  3. Increase Commercial Waste Services

    New Commercial Waste Applicants must have opened a Frisco water account and have a Certificate of Occupancy.

  4. Metal Recycling Pick-Up

    Frisco residents can schedule to have their metal items and appliances picked-up curbside for recycling.

  5. Schedule Cleanup and Request Supplies (Households Only)

    Schedule your next cleanup and request supplies

  1. Adopt-A-Street New Team Application

    Apply for you and your team to adopt-a-street

  2. Construction Waste Services Application Form

    Construction Waste in the City of Frisco is franchised for all dumpsters. To order a dumpster please fill out the following form.

  3. Increase Residential Services

    Increase residential waste services, trash, recycling, one-time extra pickup.

  4. Residential Rent-A-Bin

    For City of Frisco Residents to Rent a 6 yard waste dumpster.


  1. Apparatus Visit or Station Tour Request Form

    This form is used to request an in-service fire crew visit your facility or to schedule your visit to a fire station for a tour.

  2. Fire Station Birthday Party Request

    Request form used by public for Fire Station Birthday Parties

  3. Junior Citizen's Fire Academy

    Application for students to take Jr Citizen's Fire Academy. The application period will run April 1-May 3, 2020. Please do NOT submit... More…

  1. Fire Extinguisher Training Request

    Use this form to request a Fire Extinguisher Training at our location or yours, subject to staff availability. This request form is... More…

  2. Inspection Request

    Please review the guidelines for an inspection request on the fire prevention webpage prior to submitting your request.

  3. Request Neighborhood Visit for Community Events

    This form is used to request an in-service fire crew drive by a location or lead a parade for a school, neighborhood, or community... More…


  1. Network Node Permit

    Information provided will be used for determining the quality of the GIS Data and continuing the permitting process for Network Nodes.

Municipal Court

  1. Attorney Notice of Representation

    Allows Licensed Attorneys to File Letters of Representation for Clients Online

  2. Compliance Dismissals

    You may request dismissal of your citation if you are charged with the following offense(s): Expired driver's license Failure to... More…

  3. Deferred Disposition Request

    This form allows you to make your request for Deferred Disposition, but does not guarantee you that you will be granted the Deferral.... More…

  4. Driver's Safety Course Request

    This form allows you to make your request for Driver's Safety Course Dismissal, but does not guarantee you that you will be granted... More…

  5. Pre-Trial Court Date Request

    This form allows Defendants to request an appearance in court to contest a citation or exercise their right to appear in court.

  6. Request For A Continuance/Court Date Reset

    This form allows Defendants and Attorneys to request a reset of a previously scheduled court date other than a Show Cause Hearing. This... More…

  1. Attorney Request For State's Offer Of Plea Agreement

    Allows Licensed Attorneys to request a State's Offer/Plea Agreement with the City Prosecutor

  2. Court Requirements Submittal Form

    This form allows you to submit your Court Ordered Requirements to the court. These include but are not limited to; Plea Form, Court... More…

  3. Driver's Safety Course Completion Form Submittal

    This form allows you to submit your Driver Safety Course Certificate of Completion and Texas Driving Record.

  4. Extension for Time To Pay On Plea of Guilty or No Contest Resulting In A Conviction

    This form allows you to enter a plea of guilty or no contest and request an extension to pay the fine. This results in a conviction... More…

  5. Prosecutor’s Offer Acceptance and Submission

    If a Defendant or Attorney has received a plea offer from the state by mail or email, it may accepted and returned to the Prosecutor's... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2020 TRAPS North Region Maintenance Rodeo
  2. City Cellphone Form
  3. Event Request Form

    Are you interested in having your public/private event at one of our parks? If so, please fill out the form below and staff will... More…

  4. Heritage Museum Adult Tour

    Tours for groups of adults are available upon request. Tours of the Frisco Heritage Museum include an overview of life in Frisco when... More…

  5. Heritage Museum School Tour

    Frisco ISD and other districts, private schools, homeschool organizations, etc. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) addressed... More…

  6. Outside Employment Form

    For employees who work additional jobs outside of their current job at the City of Frisco.

  7. Park Ops Equipment Form

    Form to keep track of new, replacement, removal, reassignment of Park Ops equipment.

  8. Parks & Trails Naming Nomination Form
  9. Personal Training Request Form

    PERSONAL TRAINING - Reach Your Goals! Single Sessions: 30-Minute - $40 45-Minute - $50 1 Hour - $60 Partner Sessions: ... More…

  10. Special Event Contractor Booth Form
  11. The Grove - Internal Reservation Request

    Internal request to use The Grove space for City of Frisco events, ONLY.

  1. Athletic Facility Tournament, Camp, or Clinic Request

    Please complete this form to let us know your event date and time preferences. Note this is a formal request only; you are not booking... More…

  2. Discovery Center Request Form

    Are you part of an Arts-related group looking to host an event at the Frisco Discovery Center? If so, please fill out the form below... More…

  3. Frisco Athletic Center Auto-Draft Membership Cancellation Form

  4. Heritage Museum Distance Learning Program Request

    Frisco ISD and other districts, private schools, homeschool organizations, etc. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) addressed... More…

  5. Heritage Museum Youth Tour

    Scout Troops, Day Care Centers, and other groups may request guided tours of the Frisco Heritage Museum. Tour the Frisco Heritage... More…

  6. Park Ops Crew Changes

    Use this form to update any changes to your current Park Ops crews.

  7. Park Ops Materials

    Materials used by Parks Ops staff

  8. Paws in the Pool Agreement and Waiver Form

    Agreement and waiver for Paws in the Pool special event

  9. RBMX Summer Jam Participant Waiver Form
  10. The Grove - Auto-Draft Membership Cancellation Form

  11. The Grove - Program Reservation Request

    Room reservations for programs held at The Grove at Frisco Commons.


  1. Animal Services Complaint Form

    A form to use for submitting animal services concerns.

  2. Compliment an Employee

    Compliment Form

  3. Frisco Community Awareness Night Block Party Registration Form
  4. Frisco Police / Security Extra Duty Request

    Please complete the below form to request an extra duty police officer for your event.

  5. Options and Victim Services

    Notice: This is not monitored 24/7. If you are in immediate danger please contact 911 immediately. Whether it is inside or out of... More…

  6. Records Division Customer Survey

    We pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service. We can only do this with your honest evaluation. By completing this... More…

  7. Take Me Home Program
  8. Traffic Complaint Form

    The Frisco Police Department’s Traffic Division is dedicated to addressing traffic-related issues around the City of Frisco. If you... More…

  1. Citizens Police Academy #47 Application
  2. Customer Service Survey
  3. Frisco Neighborhood Watch

    Application to become a Block Captain with Frisco Neighborhood Watch. Please allow up to two week for processing.

  4. House Watch Program
  5. Police Volunteer Application
  6. SafeCam Initiative

    Protect yourself, your family and your community by registering with SafeCam.

  7. Take Me Home Program Information Update

Public Works

  1. Community Captain Application
  2. Free Commercial Sprinkler System Check-up

    The City of Frisco offers Free Sprinkler System Check-ups to Businesses and HOAs within city limits. Frisco's licensed irrigators will... More…

  3. Line Locate Request Form
  4. WaterWise Community Captain Outreach Materials Form

    Educational materials and resources are available to help reach your neighborhood outreach goals. Use this form to request materials... More…

  1. Drainage Complaint Form
  2. Irrigation Permit Application
  3. Water Exemption Request Form

    Residents may apply for a temporary water exemption in the case of new construction or severe erosion control. If approved, the request... More…