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Adopt-A-Street Appreciation Day

  1. Celebrating Adopt-A-Street Teams

    Your team does so much to help our beautiful city, so we want to show you how much it means to us! Based off of this survey, we'll make an event that team leaders think would be the best way to appreciate your group! Because of the diversity of Adopt-A-Street Teams, we'll plan the celebration based on what majority of responses ask for. This will be a free event for you and your volunteers.

  2. What type of celebration would be most meaningful to your team?*

  3. What time of year would work best for your volunteers?*

  4. Do people in your group have dietary restrictions/ preferences? Please check below those that apply

  5. Adopt-A-Street teams will be given first preference, this is just to gauge interest and have contact information in case you are interested.

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