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Parks & Recreation

  1. 2020 TRAPS North Region Maintenance Rodeo
  2. City Cellphone Form
  3. Event Request Form

    Are you interested in having your public/private event at one of our parks? If so, please fill out the form below and staff will... More…

  4. Heritage Museum Adult Tour

    Tours for groups of adults are available upon request. Tours of the Frisco Heritage Museum include an overview of life in Frisco when... More…

  5. Heritage Museum Youth Tour

    Scout Troops, Day Care Centers, and other groups may request guided tours of the Frisco Heritage Museum. Tour the Frisco Heritage... More…

  6. Park Ops Crew Changes

    Use this form to update any changes to your current Park Ops crews.

  7. Park Ops Materials

    Materials used by Parks Ops staff

  8. Personal Training Request Form

    PERSONAL TRAINING - Reach Your Goals! Single Sessions: 30-Minute - $40 45-Minute - $50 1 Hour - $60 Partner Sessions: ... More…

  9. Special Event Contractor Booth Form
  10. The Grove - Internal Reservation Request

    Internal request to use The Grove space for City of Frisco events, ONLY.

  1. Athletic Facility Tournament, Camp, or Clinic Request

    Please complete this form to let us know your event date and time preferences. Note this is a formal request only; you are not booking... More…

  2. Discovery Center Request Form

    Are you part of an Arts-related group looking to host an event at the Frisco Discovery Center? If so, please fill out the form below... More…

  3. Frisco Athletic Center Auto-Draft Membership Cancellation Form

  4. Heritage Museum School Tour

    Frisco ISD and other districts, private schools, homeschool organizations, etc. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) addressed... More…

  5. Outside Employment Form

    For employees who work additional jobs outside of their current job at the City of Frisco.

  6. Park Ops Equipment Form

    Form to keep track of new, replacement, removal, reassignment of Park Ops equipment.

  7. Parks & Trails Naming Nomination Form
  8. RBMX Summer Jam Participant Waiver Form
  9. The Grove - Auto-Draft Membership Cancellation Form

  10. The Grove - Program Reservation Request

    Room reservations for programs held at The Grove at Frisco Commons.